These Magic Words - Behind the Scenes

In 2008 I completed and released my first CD of original songs,  These Magic Words. This is the realization of a dream from when I was a teenager, just learning to play guitar and beginning to write songs.

The CD consists of 11 songs, music and lyrics I composed from 1972-1992. This first CD begins the archiving of my songwriting in an effort to have a record of my development as a songwriter, and to have something to leave behind when I am gone - even if my transcriptions were found, the renderings from them might not be... I originally intended. The other intent of this project was to create recordings of the songs in hopes of marketing them... another part of the dream from long ago.

This CD was built at Big Whole Sounds, engineered by my friend, Thomas Martin. I recorded the rhythm guitar and vocal tracks, and then Tom arranged for other musicians to add tracks to produce the versions on the CD. All of the guest musicians donated their time and talent to improvise the tracks that they added; they have all been credited in the liner notes. Their contributions created a finished CD that far exceeds what I originally thought was possible - my hat's off to them!

Using different artists for various songs added a wonderful variety to the CD that otherwise would not have been possible with a static group of players. Have a listen, and I hope you enjoy what you hear.