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DJ digs open minds, peace and love, harmony, creativity, fine craftsmanship, family, friends, soulful music, hip music venues, healthy flavorful food, awesome planet earth, wellness, and being alive - not necessarily in that order.

This site was inspired and encouraged by friends, to share some creations, favorite sites, influences, and highlights from two trips to Europe (with Eileen, my soul-mate, best friend, and wife) which included busking and touring.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Check-out the links to the other creative, interesting, and entertaining sites included on each page.


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Featured this Month:   Neatorama

If you're looking for a site with interesting articles and facts running the gamut from unsolved mysteries to cutting-edge technology to creative hacks for altoid containers, check out Neatorama.com. The site has a definite emphasis on science and unique inventions, but also covers notable people (past and present), interesting animals and animal behavior, and has a strong library of math related facts and trivia.

This site is always interesting; the features and links are intelligently and tastfully reported, with a short explanation of each link and a warning (rarely needed) if possibly offensive or graphic content might be part of the feature. I have never been shocked or offended, though I have often been amazed at the creativity of the contibutors and uniqueness of the subjects covered.

They update the site daily, and have links to previous postings by date and category. Its a great site if I have a few minutes and want a break from some tedious task or am just looking for a short interesting tidbit of information.